How to Show Response Time in a Rails Page with Mongrel

You’ve seen this on Google result pages, right?

You wanna do that in your Rails app that runs with Mongrel? I show you how. Sit down. And along the way I’ll show what I learned about writing custom Mongrel HttpHandlers and why you shouldn’t store instance variable in them.

I remember seeing it there long ago when Google was new. I liked it because:

  1. Faster is better
  2. It shows Google focuses on helping me go fast
  3. It reminds the Google developers to focus on helping me go fast

So I’m developing this awesome web site now and I’m using Ruby on Rails with Mongrel. I wanted to pull a Google and show the server response time as text content in my pages, as a reminder to myself and my co-developer that it’s super-important to keep things fast.

I can haz question

How do you put response time in a page using Rails?

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