Add Optional SEO-Friendliness to link_to_remote

link_to_remote_with_seo adds optional SEO-friendly goodness to the Rails link_to_remote function.  I wrote it for cases where I would have used link_to_remote in my Rails app but I wanted GoogleBot and other search engines to be able to follow the links.  In addition to setting onclick like the normal link_to_remote, it also sets html_options[:href] to the SAME URL that you pass in to options[:url]. (It only does this if you pass :seo => true and you do not explicitly set the href.)

See the big honking warning at the bottom for an explanation of why this plugin doesn’t just override the behavior of link_to_remote.

I Like Stuff that’s SEO-Friendly

The following example shows a “Next” link in paginated output.  Clicking the link in a browser results in an AJAX call (using the POST method) that retrieves just the “page” partial and inserts it into the “results” div on the page with a highlight visual effect.  When a search engine sees the link, however, it will send a GET request to the same URL, and the entire page (not just the partial) will be sent in the response.

Putting this in the view (home/index.html.erb):

<div id="results">
  <%= render :partial => "page" -%></div>
<%= link_to_seo_remote "Next",
  { :update => "#results",
    :url => { :action => "next_page" },
    :complete => visual_effect(:highlight, "#results") } %>

Produces (pay attention to the href attrbute):

<div id="results">
  <!-- first page of results shown here --></div>
<a href="/home/next_page"
  onclick="new Ajax.Updater('#results', '/home/next_page',
  {asynchronous:true, evalScripts:true,
  onComplete:function(request){new Effect.Highlight(&quot;#results&quot;,{});}}); return false;">

In  the controller (home.rb), render just the partial if called in an XHR (AJAX) request:

def next_page
  if request.xhr?
    render :partial => "page"
    # Render the entire page, including the "results" section.
    render :action => "index"


Sorry but I have to yell for emphasis here.

When Google crawls your site it will follow all links on a page in advance, even before the user clicks on them.  Adding :confirm => “Are you sure?” WILL NOT HELP because it generates JavaScript that Google doesn’t execute.  So when you use link_to_seo_remote, DO NOT ALLOW destructive links to be placed in the href attribute.  Instead, override html_options[:href] to link to an intermediate page with “Are you sure?” and a BUTTON (not a link.  The crawler will not click the link, so the data will not be deleted.

See Using Rails AJAX Helpers to Create Safe State-Changing Links and search the page for “” for an explanation and some sample code.

Does it Have Tests?

Why, yes. I’d like to thank the Rails Community for not tolerating code with no tests. It was soooo tempting just to release this without writing automated tests but the peer pressure got to me.

And I’ll also like to thank Cake for awesome music.

To get the code

ruby script/plugin install

One thought on “Add Optional SEO-Friendliness to link_to_remote”

  1. Hey Brian,

    Good stuff. Here is the RESTful syntax:

     link_to_seo_remote(, { :update => "#{dom_id(event)}_detail", :url => event_path(event), :method=>:get, :complete => visual_effect(:slide_down, "#{dom_id(event)}_detail") } )

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