The Javafication of Ruby on Rails

As you know, one of the nice things about using Ruby on Rails is the emphasis on code simplicity and readability. A month ago in “This Week in Edge Rails,” Mike Gunderloy posted something that makes me a little concerned—it feels like one small step toward the Javafication (a.k.a. complexification) of Ruby on Rails.

The change is called “Pluggable JSON Backends” and it was implemented by Rick Olson, a.k.a. Technoweenie. (I have the utmost respect for Technoweenie. I’ve used his code before and it’s wonderful stuff—it’s clean, it’s simple, and it works.)

Instead of this:


we are now encouraged to do this:


I Like Stuff that’s Simple

It’s a little thing and I don’t want to blow it out of proportion, but this is a pattern I would like to see the community avoid. Once people see this style of coding they start to copy it.

I think I understand the motivation behind the change, but I believe the new style of coding is harder to read and write. It reminds me of all the years I wrote C++ code and wished I could just extend a class outside its original definition. Ruby can do that and I love the fact that Rails isn’t shy about taking advantage of this capability to make programmers’ lives easier and code simpler.

It may be too late to have this debate when it comes to JSON. Maybe this was the only way to meet the requirements Technoweenie had. I don’t know. And I understand sometimes it’s necessary to do something a little ugly to achieve a goal that’s more important than simplicity or readability. But I am writing today to encourage the Rails core committers, and the rest of us in the Rails community, to please avoid this pattern when possible. If you are considering writing a method that looks like this:


please pause and consider whether the users of your API would find it easier if you instead made it look like this: