Best Presentations of RailsConf 2011

Hey all,

Yesterday evening I got back from RailsConf 2011. It was a lot of fun and I saw a lot of really good presentations with good technical content, and some that were both useful and funny (double dream hands and Ke$ha).

But I also missed some of the best talks. O’Reilly has posted some of the videos and is working on posting more.

But how to decide which ones to watch?

On the plane ride home I wrote¬†a one-page site to answer that question. It scrapes the star ratings from O’Reilly (hope you guys don’t mind!) and shows the sessions with the highest-rated ones at the top. I didn’t have wifi so I had to guess what CSS selectors I should use to scrape the RailsConf site. Once I got home I fixed the selectors, polished it up, and pushed it to Heroku.

Here it is: the Best of RailsConf 2011.

If you find problems, please fork and improve it.

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