19-Minute Video: CoffeeScript for Rubyists

If you’re a Ruby programmer and want a quick little intro to CoffeeScript so you can decide whether you might want to use it, check out theĀ 19-minute talk I gave last week at a really fun Code Social meetup at RocketSpace in San Francisco. The talk was “CoffeeScript for Rubyists.”


Is CoffeeScript really so great? Why use it instead of good ol’ JavaScript? Which of my favorite syntax goodies does it steal from Ruby? It looks Pythony with all that significant whitespace. How can I use it in my pre-3.1 Rails project? How do I convert my legacy JavaScript? Why is Internet Explorer no good at exploring the Internet? Brian Morearty answers most of these questions. He’s a Ruby aficionado who has used CoffeeScript for his client-side coding for a few months. In this talk he does a quick demo of how to install CoffeeScript, convert your JavaScript to CoffeeScript, and include it in a pre-Rails-3.1 application. But most of the talk is on details of the language, including stuff it stole from Ruby that make it just dang fun for a Rubyist to program in CoffeeScript. And he even covers one thing that is *gasp* better than Ruby.


Here are theĀ slides for this CoffeeScript talk.


And here’s the video:

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