Hey, Google. You Know that New Floating Facility You’re Building in the Bay? Please Name it Floating Point.

About four days ago, news broke that Google is building some large floating structure in the San Francisco Bay. According to CNET, “It is located on a barge just off Treasure Island, between San Francisco and Oakland.”

There has been a lot of speculation about what it is. A floating data center? A mobile retail store for selling Google Glass? A water-borne launch pad for giant Internet wifi blimps?

Whatever you’re building in the Bay, Google, I have only one request:

Please name it Floating Point.

Clearly that is the only name you could give this structure.

Apple has Infinite Loop. You can’t let them be the only Silicon Valley company with a clever name. You need something just as good. Now’s your chance.

Name it Floating Point. Please.

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Google Structure