Announcing: the first professional Docker training by a third party

You might have heard about Docker, the new open source project that lets you pack, ship and run any Linux application as a lightweight container. It has been getting a lot of attention since dotCloud (now renamed Docker, Inc.) open-sourced it in March.

If you’ve been curious about it and you learn best by doing, check out the new 3-hour¬†Hands on with Docker¬†introductory class that I will be teaching with Alvin Lai on Tuesday, November 12th, 2013 (that’s next week). We are excited to offer the first professional Docker training by any third party.

This is a beta class, so all we are charging is $50 to cover basic expenses (meeting room rental, pizza, etc.). We won’t make a profit on the beta class. When we start teaching the finalized class, it will cost several hundred dollars. So now is your only chance to save money and take the class for only $50.

I could write a lot more, but all the deets are on the Hands on with Docker page.

I hope to see you in class on Nov 12th. Any questions? My email is on that page.

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