Last Chance to Get The Hands On With Docker Course

Your boss walks into your “office” at the open-floor-plan company where you work and interrupts your flow to say, “Hey. You’re the devops guy. I want you to move us over to Docker. I hear it’s like Chef, but better. And it’s like a VM, but lighter-weight. And it’s like tiramisu, but is actually good.”

You’re excited about the opportunity finally to learn Docker, but you get a sick feeling deep in your stomach. How are you going to learn it? You know it takes a while to learn any new technology, and when you go to Docker’s website you see that the training costs $1,599. And there’s no way your boss is going to shell out that kind of dough. You could try looking for a book, but you know from past experience that’s not how you learn best. You prefer to learn by doing. You can’t read a book by Julia Child and then tell everyone you’ve mastered the art of French cooking.

But hey, great news. Right at the top of the Google search results for “Docker training” is a self-paced Docker class that is only $95. It’s called “Hands on With Docker.” It is a downloadable video training course with more than four hours of videos, PDF slides included, and 21 pages of hands-on exercises. That’s right, hands-on, the kind where you actually put your hands on the keyboard instead of up your nose. And, oh joy!, you have discovered this training course just days before it stopped being offered for sale. Why is it going away? Hands on With Docker was created in January, 2014, using Docker 0.7.6. The current version of Docker is 1.4, so the creators of the course decided to stop offering it for sale after Christmas because it is getting a little bit long in the tooth.

Uh oh…this makes you afraid. Maybe it’s not a good use of your money? So you decide to read the quotes from people who have taken the course. They put your mind at ease:

rafadc“Just finished with  videos. It’s like having a close friend showing you how to use #docker. Great job by @BMorearty” — Rafa de Castro

ParkinT“After trying to learn from numerous blog posts and frustrating self-experimentation, I regret I did not 1st go to HandsOnWith.” — ParkinT

BCavileer“#docker Pack, ship, and run any application. I’m taking course and if you love docker you should too” — Benjamin Cavileer

The course content was created with the help and review of the Docker core team. And, in fact, Docker, Inc. licensed Hands on With Docker earlier this year to use it as a foundation for creating their own training course. That’s right, the one that costs $1,599. And this course costs $95. It is 6% as expensive. And it’s going away after Christmas this year.

Buy it now, before it is gone, even if you won’t have time to watch the videos until after the holidays. Who knows, maybe your boss will take the $1,504 you saved and give it to you as a giant Christmas bonus.

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